Ameinri Overseas Employment Agency Inc.

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June 30, 2024
About the Company

Ameinri Overseas Employment Agency Inc. was founded in 1983 as a partnership and became a corporation in 1989, upholding its commitment to offering its international clientele high-quality service.

Ameinri has been trying to improve the workforce overseas recruiting industry for many years. We follow a set of industry standards that are universally recognized, which ensures the dependability of every employee the business hires and sends to its clients in other countries.

It's true that Ameinri's services have come to be known for their excellence. Because of this, we are proud of the list of illustrious clients who continue to have faith in the quality of our work.

Our work is an illustration of our competence and expertise. To satisfy the demands of the industry, the organization only hires trustworthy, polite, and qualified staff. We take care to only work with testing facilities of the highest caliber and qualified job candidates.

But in addition to meeting the demands of our international clients, we also care for the welfare of the staff members we send abroad. Throughout the whole term of the employment contract, we keep track of both parties' input. Ameinri has in fact been able to achieve an admirable position in the business thanks to this personalized touch.

At AMEINRI, we make sure that every employee serves the welfare of our applicants as well as our clients. Simply hiring and deploying personnel is not the beginning and end of our task. Throughout the course of the employment contract, we continuously track feedback from both our employers and employees. The business effectively serves its customers, as well as the employed employees.

Ameinri Overseas Employment Agency Inc. maintains a pool of qualified professionals and workers who have gone through a rigorous testing process and pre-selection process.

By taking the appropriate measures to make sure that only employees who are mentally, physically, and psychologically capable are sent abroad, the company upholds its reputation for corporate honesty. Each and every professional that Ameinri Overseas Employment Agency Inc. sends to work abroad must pass a rigorous screening process, which includes preliminary interviews, a medical exam, and a trade test.

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