Philippine Human Resource Worldwide Employment Co.

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July 28, 2026
About the Company
PHR understands that it has to adapt fundamental core values for the company.
1. People
We know the truth that is; our people composed of our employees and workers, are an integral part of our business and will play the most vital role in achieving the organization’s success. It is our commitment to keep a steady pool of staff and workers which will enhance the bottom line over the long term. We want business continuity and the key to this is for the organization to always have a contented and motivated people.
2. Excellence
Indeed our world is not perfect and because it is not then we also strive not for perfection but for excellence. They say excellence is about setting a high standard for yourself and focusing on getting as good as you can possibly be. Thus we are more committed to breaking our own personal record than to focus on competing with our competitors in this industry.
3. Integrity
As the saying goes; success will come and go but integrity is forever. We are also obliged to do the right thing at all times, in all circumstances, whether or not anyone is watching. With this we want our stakeholders to be confident in partnering with us because we value so much our business ethics and integrity.
4. Co-Prosperity
Yes we want our organization to prosper but more than anything else we want the world to prosper too. To us it is a relative term; the economy is doing well and most people have jobs to sustain their economic needs. Our business direction then is co-prosperity by providing opportunities thru overseas jobs.
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