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September 13, 2022
About the Company

Treasure of Hope International has been deploying Filipino workers all over the world from the Middle East during its initial year then shifting to North America and now expanding its services to Asia and the Pacific. The types of workers we have deployed range from service crew for fast food chain outlets in Canada to teachers in public schools in the United States, engineers for Japan-based companies and security managers, accountants, electricians and mines specialists for a Papua New Guinea hotel chain and a mining company.

Moreover, we continuously provide globally competitive World-Class Filipino teachers and professionals engaged in engineering and various technologies, hotel and restaurant and information/communication technology in Canada, USA and Asia .

We are committed to giving our clients the candidates who will be most suitable in meeting the specific requirements of the job. We employ extensive examination to provide our clients with the best candidates for all positions where experienced personnel are required.

Treasure Of Hope International Inc. will always ensure that negotiations among all parties concerned are handled with utmost care to ensure mutually beneficial and satisfactory results.

The Company is currently operated and managed by a team of individuals, with over fifty years of experience in the fields of Law, Corporate and Marketing Communication, Business and Medicine.

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