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July 11, 2023
About the Company

Alpha Tomo (P) Intl Manpower Services on May 8, 2001 was founded. Previously, it was known as R.A. Global Manpower Services by Tomo. The firm was then given its current name and registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission on September 29, 2010, with company SEC Registration No. CS201015753. Currently, the business has a Landbased Recruitment agency Lic under the POEA. No.: 123-LB-071615-R.

In Malaysia, Alpha Tomo Global Resources Sdn Bhd and Alpha Sigma Overseas Pvt. Ltd. are linked with Alpha Tomo (P) International Manpower Services, Inc. Ltd. at Nepal.

Alpha Tomo (P) Intl Manpower Services in the Philippines, now has three significant office branches in Davao City, Naga City, and Makati City. In the fields of engineering and architecture, the food industry, the service industry, the medical field, household workers, etc., the company employed the top quality OFW. We provided exceptional service to a variety of clients in Malaysia, Japan, Taiwan, Cayman Island, and some Middle Eastern nations.

Having been in business for more than 17 years, Alpha has extensive experience in the recruiting industry. This enables us to give each client reliable information and advice. Both market analysis and recruiting services are areas of expertise for our teams of marketing and recruitment officers. We respect our partnerships with our foreign principals and employers because they help us protect and advance the wellbeing of all of our recruits. Because we are a FAMILY here at Alpha Tomo, our service is open and honest, and we can turn your aspirations into reality.

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