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October 8, 2022
About the Company

Mariposa International Services Co., Inc. is committed to growth and service. At a time when faith in the recruitment industry was dwindling, Mariposa aimed to continue in making a difference by giving both client and applicant the best terms of honest, fast and efficient service.

Mariposa International Services Co., Inc. adheres and believes in equality and fair treatment to ensure that no worker or employer receives any less favorable treatment on the grounds of sex, marital status, creed or ethnic origin. It is the company’s paramount concern to treat people with due equality for the interest of social justice, righteousness and fair dealing. We continuously ensure that workers are selected and treated based on their relevant aptitude, prosperity and capabilities.

Mariposa International Services Co., Inc., at all times, aims to provide the highest standard of professional service to the best interest of all concerned. It is committed to providing the labor market with overseas job opportunities by building reliable service which was conscientiously designed to enhance and promote excellent and globally competitive Filipino workmanship.

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