POEA Job Position: Aspalt Paving Operator

Location: New Zealand

Employer/Company: Working In Resourcing


  • With 3 years relevant experience.
  • With Driver License restriction 2
  • Experience in operating heavy machinery or similar industry experience.
  • Experience operating pavers, rollers or paving experience is desirable

Job Description:

  • operates an asphalt paver machine, rubber or track type.
  • Manipulates hand or foot levers to control the movements of the paving machine, which spreads and levels asphaltic concrete on subgrade highway and related surfaces such as parking lots, streets, etc.
  • Maintains equipment in proper operating condition by performing simple preventive maintenance and repair tasks such as adjusting, fluid checks, replacing minor parts and lubricating equipment


  • Updated Resume
  • Certificate of Employment
  • Valid Passport

Email Address : recruitment@21stemri.com

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