POEA Job Position: Concrete Plant Maintenance

Location: Belgium

This function applies to several entities of the Willy Naessens group such asStructo, Intershipping and Seveton


  • This profile must consider the concrete plant as its own installation hence it is important that the person is someone for whom care, cleanliness and order is important, also the aspect of safety is not to be neglected.
  • A concrete plant is the heart of the production unit, a well maintained plant avoids downtime and guarantees the quality of our products.
  • Electrical & mechanics.
  • Ability to work independently.
  • Flexible (fixed hours, starting hours in consultation with plant manager).
  • Eye for safety.
  • Eye for cleanliness.
  • Communicative.
  • Motivated.
  • Methodology.


  • There is a list of work order for the tasks to be performed, here completed work should be ticked off.
  • The list is given to the production manager at the end of each work week.
  • Maintaining the concrete plant as a whole, concrete transport, mixers, dosing plant, raw material storage, dumping zone, sand washing plant, cleaning stations and surrounding areas. Maintenance is done through cleaning processes (high-pressure cleaning, cleaning with compressed air, sweeping).
  • In addition to these cleaning works, maintenance workS must also be carried out, by the latter we mean lubrication, checking of bearings, conveyor belts, sensors, vents, piping.
  • The cleaning of the mixers after production also belongs to this range of tasks.
  • This does not include repair work, which is carried out by technical services, although assistance is expected during technical interventions.
  • Keep the plant as neat and clean as possible so that all movable, rotating parts can work freely and are free of contamination, which would lead to poor operation and wear of parts.
  • Periodic lubrication, daily inspection of the mixer blades in relation to the mixer floor (important for concrete quality). Tuning is part of the maintenance services.
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