POEA Job Position: Event Sales & Planning Manager

Location: New Zealand

Employer/Company: JTLP Management & Recruitment


  • Must have valid passport and fully vaccinated
  • Must have 3 years relevant experience is required in Hotel or Resort.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Managing the sales team to ensure that they are completing their tasks effectively and efficiently
  • Coordinating sponsorship, advertising, and promotions to increase event attendance and awareness
  • Developing pricing strategies based on market conditions, customer demographics, and competition
  • Communicating with clients to determine their needs and objectives in order to create a successful event
  • Creating event budgets and working with finance staff to monitor expenses during events to ensure that costs are within budget guidelines
  • Developing and implementing an event marketing plan that aligns with the client’s objectives, including identifying target audiences and creating promotional materials such as brochures or flyers
  • Negotiating contracts with vendors to secure services such as catering, entertainment, or venue rental
  • Managing the budget for an event, including costs for labor, catering, decorations, and equipment rental
  • Coordinating with marketing staff to create a marketing plan for an event that includes promotion through social media and other channels such as direct mail or email marketing services
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