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POEA Job Position: Massage Therapist

Location: Czech Republic

TEN ADVANTAGES of working and living in CZECH REPUBLIC:

1. Competitive salary packages and employment benefits.
2. You get a permanent job, not just a seasonal/project-based job.
3. They provide the same employment benefits to all workers regardless of citizenship.
4. You can apply for a permanent residency (PR) permit after only 5 years.
5. You can bring your family members to live with you.
6. It is easy to find employment in other European union countries.
7. High euro-peso exchange rate.
8. Compulsory education (elementary and high school) is free for immigrant families.
9. Cost of living in Czech Republic is low compared to other countries like USA, UK, Germany and Dubai.
10. Traveling around Europe is very easy and cheap.
Bonus! Czech Republic is a very beautiful country, rich in culture, history and scenic destinations.

For online application submission. Please send your CV, employment and training certificates to unijobsapplicants@yahoo.com

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