POEA Job Position: Mechanic/ Service Technician

Location: Belgium

Types of machines: forklifts, boom lifts, telehandlers, or other material handling & lifting equipment, powered by electric, gas or diesel engines of various brands (Toyota, Linde, Skyjack, Merlo, .)


  • At least 3 years of experience working on forklifts and other material handling & lifting equipment
  • Strong skills in at least 2 of these items:
    • Maintenance and troubleshooting of gas engines and diesel engines (of lifting equipment):
      • Changing oils & liquids
      • Replacing basic electronic components such as starter & alternator
      • Inspection of oil leaks and replacing oil seals
      • Assembly/disassembly of motor parts such as turbochargers, EGR valves, inspection of cylinder heads and gasket, replacing camshaft and valves,.
      • Inspection & troubleshooting of proper engine unctioning (noise, smoke,..)
    • Maintenance and troubleshooting of electrical engines and parts (of lifting equipment):
      • Troubleshooting electric problems
      • Reconditioning of electronic engines – inspection of stator, anchor,..
      • Cleaning, filling & charging, inspection of cables and damages on traction batteries.
      • Taking measurements of a proper acid level, changing of charging- and mains plugs and battery-cell connections.
      • (Diss-)assembly of batteries from a machine and pairing with a proper charger
    • Maintenance and troubleshooting of hydraulic systems:
      • Assembly/disass embly of hydraulic attachments
      • Inspection, cleaning, changing of seals and re-assembly of hydraulic parts
      • Fabrication of hydraulic hoses with a semi-automatic crimping machine
      • Disassembly, repairs and reconditioning of hydraulic pumps
      • Measurement & analyzing of pressure on different points in the machine
    • Troubleshooting and electronic repairs of cables and electric components:
      • Changing electronic components such as gear switches, push buttons, joysticks,.
      • Troubleshooting electric problems on potentiometers, sensors, electronic valves, reading of error codes with diagnostic software and interpreting electric plans of repair procedures
    • General inspection and changing of components of forklift masts:
      • Wear inspection of chains, repair or complete replacement: disassembly on the truck+ dismounting anchors of the chain+ reassembling on a new chain
      • Inspection of roller bearings inside the mast and on a fork carriage + replacement with proper regulation with shim rings.
      • Tolerance and space inspection of the mast suspension and changing of wear plates.
    • General inspection and changing of steering axle
      • (Diss-)assembly of bearings, seal rings and fastenings on wheel hubs, track rods and axle stubs proper cleaning and greasing


  • Perform maintenance/service/cleaning/greasing according to service intervals
  • Inspection & diagnosis of issues, identifying broken parts/issues/leaks
  • Identify and request the correct spare parts from our central warehouse
  • Troubleshoot errors and replace or repair defective parts or leaks
  • Add or upgrade parts (safety lights, joystick, parking sensors, camera systems,..)
  • Ensure machines are fully ready for rental service or for the customer

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