POEA Job Position: Chipseal Operator

Location: New Zealand

Employer/Company: Working In Resourcing


  • Experience operating heavy machinery including roller / tractor broom
  • With Wheels, Tracks and Rollers License

Job Description:

  • Operates heavy equipment of various sizes and weights used in road, and highway construction, chip sealing, surface sealing, and paving.
  • Properly follows company and HSE safety procedures. Brings problems/hazards to the attention of the foreman, superintendent, safety director or HR manager.
  • Understands and follows daily procedures, and safety protocols as set forth in job orientations and
    program training.
  • Performs routine pre/post operating inspections and preventive maintenance on assigned equipment and refers defects and any needed repairs to the supervisor


  • Updated Resume
  • Certificate of Employment
  • Valid Passport

Email Address : recruitment@21stemri.com

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