POEA Job Position: Dairy Farmer

Location: Saudi Arabia

Company: Saudi Manpower Solution Company (SMASCO)
DMW Registration / Accreditation No. 10354985

• Male, minimum of 2 years work experience

Duties and Responsibilities:
• Work in this class involves the milking, cleaning, feeding, and caring for dairy cattle.
• An employee in this class performs shift work to accommodate milking schedules and performs
general farming maintenance and other tasks as needed.
• Operates a truck in transporting milk and other specialized equipment used in general farming
• Cares for dairy cattle including cleaning and feeding.

• Detailed RESUME
• Certificate of Emplovment
• School Credentials
• Training Certificate
• Covid Vaccine Certificate
• E-registration Copy
• PEOS Copy
• Passport Copy

Email:  recruitment@21stcmri.com

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