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December 31, 2022
About the Company
As a recruitment company, A-Vantage International Recruitment Corp. plays a crucial role in supplying developed countries with the needed qualified and skilled manpower from the Philippines. The immense challenge for international companies in acquiring and hiring the right people in a timely and sustainable manner, is where A-Vantage International Recruitment Corp. expertise, passion and experience lie. Being inspired and driven by the motto “We strive for better quality in people’s lives”, A-Vantage International Recruitment Corp. provides competitive global job opportunities to Filipinos. A-Vantage International Recruitment Corp. is very passionate about supporting our fellow Filipinos pursue their careers abroad, further enable them to ensure the livelihood of their families, improve the quality of their lives and in general, enhance their prospects in life. Since A-Vantage International Recruitment Corp. is owned and managed by responsible individuals with extensive and valuable international professional and managerial experiences, it strongly commits itself to ethical recruitment and compliance with the rules and guidelines of given laws and regulations. Our company was established to help our international clients remain competitive in their local markets by providing them with the right manpower while we enable our hardworking fellow Filipinos to have access to fair and more rewarding jobs abroad. We believe that everyone representing the company has to be willing to develop himself while assuming responsibility for his individual performance to ensure satisfaction and loyalty among our international clients, applicants, and suppliers. Driven by growth, the company, the management and all staff members are passionate about learning new ways and implementing these in all company activities and operations to successfully deliver impeccable service and effective solutions to our clients and fellow Filipinos. We Provide Quality Recruitment Solutions We help businesses from around the world in achieving their goals through time saving and effective recruitment solutions. SOURCING & RECRUITMENT We search nationwide for the right candidate for your manpower needs and make sure that the candidates comply and has the capability and ability as per your requirements. MANAGED RECRUITMENT SERVICES We select the best candidate for you that will benefit your company or organization in the long-term. We make sure that we recommend well qualified candidates to you that would be an asset to your company or organization. DIGITAL RECRUITMENT SOLUTIONS Our RecruitPlus™ enable us to source, search, and hire nationwide the right candidates for our international clients anytime and anywhere. Our valued clients have therefore more time for their main business while being able to select matched applicants and monitor the applicants’ status in the Employer’s platform.
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